18th June 2020: Webinar The Challenge of IR Strategy


The development of an IR strategy presents IR departments with new challenges every year: For example, is it precisely defined which tasks IR has to fulfill? What are the IR’s objectives? Where are the gaps between the objectives and the current situation? Which IR instruments can be used to achieve the IR goals? In what time frame and with what budget? And how can the achievement of IR goals be made measurable?
The webinar is for free.

What you take away from the webinar? Answers to that:

  • The starting position: Defining the IR’s range of tasks
  • What is the current situation on the capital market and in the company?
  • What can target categories and strategic IR goals look like?
  • With which IR instruments can the identified goals be achieved?
  • How can the achievement of the objectives be measured?
  • How can one deal with the fact that goals have only been partially achieved?

When? :

  • Thursday, 18th June 2020, 10 am and 17 pm CET (Duration: 30 Minutes, only in English)
  • Thursday, 18th June 2020, 13 pm CET (Duration: 30 Minutes, only in German)

You can sign up by sending an e-mail with your desired date (9 am or 6 pm) to Dr. Eva Reuter: e.reuter@dr-reuter.eu. I look forward to your participation!