Ebase Asset Management Becomes Sustainable

The European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase®), which offers specific solutions for asset accumulation and investment, has decided to convert its fund-based asset management offering “ebase Management Depot” to sustainability.

In addition to the previously customary selection criteria of return, risk and liquidity, sustainability is now also offered as a selection criterion. (However, it was already possible in the past to filter the funds according to certain sustainability criteria).

The ebase Managed Depot follows a core-satellite approach. In portfolio management, the core-satellite approach is defined as the division of a portfolio into a broadly diversified core investment (core), which should offer a basic return with sufficient security, and several individual investments (satellite) with higher risk and return potential, which are attached to increase the return.

Depending on the level of risk tolerance of the customer, one can choose between five different portfolios with equity and bond funds. These portfolios primarily contain ETFs.

Ebase wants to adapt to the latest changes by including sustainability as a fourth selection criterion. The company would like to continue to consistently expand its range of services in the direction of sustainability in order to be able to adapt better to the changing conditions.

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