July 9th 2020: Webinar Micro- & Small-Cap IR

Take a break, enjoy a coffee and expand your knowledge about IR in 20 minutes: Every Thursday – 3 clock times – 2 languages:  

Webinar Micro- & Small-Cap IR Micro and small-cap companies are the biggest players on the capital market. At least in terms of numbers. And: many fund managers believe they will perform better after the crisis. Nevertheless: The IR of micro and small caps must pay much more attention to the capital market than their mid and large cap competitors.



What you take away from the webinar:

  • How can you also get into the financial press as a small-cap?
  • What options are available for analyst coverage?
  • Investor Targeting & Roadshows, what options are available here for small companies?

Key data of the webinar: July 9th 2020

  • Morning-Webinar:
    • Time: 10 am CET (9 am London; 4 pm Perth / Hong Kong; 6 pm Sydney; 8 pm Auckland);
    • Duration: 20 Minutes
    • Language: English
  • Noon-Webinar:
    • Time: 1 pm CET (Noon London)
    • Duration: 20 Minutes
    • Language: German

  • Evening-Webinar
    • Time: 5 pm CET (4 pm London, 11 am New York, 9 am Los Angeles / Vancouver)
    • Duration: 20 Minutes
    • Language: English

  How to register? Just send an email to Dr. Eva Reuter: e.reuter@dr-reuter.eu and you will receive the dial-in link.