Small- & MicroCap IR

Small- & MicroCap-Investor Relations Small & microcap companies have very specific IR needs. This is because, compared to their larger capital market competitors, small companies have a smaller budget and fewer staff, while at the same time having multiple responsibilities, such as additional corporate communications. Nevertheless, these companies have to comply with the same capital market obligations as larger companies: Mandatory reporting, analyst conferences, corporate governance, annual and semi-annual reports, capital market compliance. And, as if all this were not difficult enough for the responsible IROs to realize, small companies also have to fight much harder for attention on the capital market. We are there to start right here with our services and have developed a special Small & MicroCap IR program for small businesses:


  Small- & MicroCap IR Simply click on the graphics below for examples:  


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Small- & MicroCap IR

We hired Dr. Reuter Investor Relations to establish long-term and valuable relationships on the German capital markets for Vulcan Energy. The approach to creating relevant content and subsequent targeting of significant capital market players has been a value-add for Vulcan Energy, and during the course of our relationship we have seen a significant increase in trading volume on the German stock exchanges and substantial share price appreciation.“

 Small- & MicroCap IR Dr. Francis Wedin, CEO Vulcan Energy Download Case Study