Exciting articles await you again in the 4th edition of our magazine on the subject of Investor Relations. This time new in the magazine: IR-News on the topics sustainability, institutional IR and IR professionals! A small extract from the magazine:

The Challenge of IR Strategy: The development of an IR strategy presents IR departments with new challenges every year: For example, is it precisely defined which tasks IR has to fulfill? What are the IR’s objectives? Where are the gaps between the objectives and the current situation? Which IR instruments can be used to achieve the IR goals? In what time frame and with what budget? And how can the achievement of IR goals be made measurable?

The area of responsibility of IR is growing and growing:The history of Investor Relations can look back on a 66-year time period. Its origins date back to 1953, the year in which the US company General Electric launched a communications program aimed specifically at private investors. Its name: Investor Relations (IR). Since then, a lot has happened in the area of responsibility. Today, communication with private in vestors is only a small part of our daily work.

Recent Developments in Sustainable Investment Funds: The topic of ‘sustainable investments’ is on the advance worldwide. According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance Review 2018, the international investment volume of sustainable investments grew by 34% between 2016 and 2018. With a good $14 trillion, Europe is ‘still’ the global class leader. But with growth rates of 38% within two years, the USA has caught up strongly and, with just under $12 trillion, is right on the heels of Europeans.  

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