MiFID II and its impact on Research, Roadshows & Conferences

In the run-up to MiFID II, there were many forecasts as to how Research & Corporate Access would develop from a corporate perspective. Thus it was often predicted that small caps, according to MiFIDII, would have little or no coverage and no sell side roadshows and one-on-ones by brokers. Mid Caps – so the forecast, would be able to fall back only over less than 5 analysts, which would be paid by the Buy Side.

The number of roadshows for mid caps is also expected to decline. Only the large caps remained largely unaffected by the assumed changes.

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Activism and Investor Relations: Current Trends, Effect, and Solution

Corporations of this century have seen a lot and undergone dramatic changes especially in corporate governance, activism and investor relations.

A typical activist shareholder is the one who tries to use his or her equity stake in order to achieve certain goals, bring the change, and affect how a corporation behaves by influencing other shareholders or using his/her voting power.

On the other hand, a minority shareholder is the one who owns less than 50% of the total shares of a corporation’s stocks. 

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Retail IR – An Underestimated Component of IR

In their IR work, most companies tend to focus on institutional investors, portfolio managers, asset managers and equity analysts. But the environment is changing and there is a noticeable, continuous change in the market. Retail investors have a significant impact on the market and are becoming more influential players in the investor world.

The phrase “Esprit de corps” is perfect for small investors. A single investor cannot let the share price of your company fluctuate upwards or downwards. But due to their multitude, private investors have a considerable influence on the liquidity of the share and the share price development, especially in micro and smallcap companies.

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