June 27th 2019: How to Measure Investor Relations Goals Correctly?


Mega-cap companies invest around one million US dollars annually in the function of their IROs. In return, corresponding returns on their work are expected. This raises the question of the extent to which investor relations contributes to the achievement of corporate goals. How can the performance of IR departments and individual IROs be made measurable? 

The webinar will for e.g. provide answers to the questions of what a system for measuring IR targets can look like, which key performance indicators can be selected, how to take into account a different weighting of goals in the system and how the degree of target achievement is calculated. The webinar is for free.

Date: 27th June 2019, 8:30am and 6pm. Registration: Dr. Eva Reuter, e.reuter@dr-reuter.eu

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Measuring Investor Relations


Investor Relations Officers (IROs) are of great importance for listed companies due to their considerable communication function. They provide companies with access to the financial markets, their players and capital. It is undisputed that IROs have extremely expanded their raison d’être over the past decades and play a significant role in the growth and success of listed companies. This raises the question of the extent to which investor relations contributes to the achievement of corporate goals. How can the performance of IROs be evaluated internally and made measurable?

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We did it! Our first customer magazine! Look forward to exciting articles on all aspects of investor relations. In our first issue:

Shareholder Value & Investor Relations: How is shareholder value determined? How can shareholder value reporting be structured? Why do companies and the capital market so often talk at cross purposes?

Corporate Access & MiFID II: What market developments can be observed since MiFID II came into force? How have the relationships between brokers, investors and companies developed? And how can companies react to this?

Investor Relations & Crisis Management: What are the usual triggers for crises in IR? What can be the first steps of a crisis plan? And how can crisis teams & communication be structured?

And beyond that: Dates & Services

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Investor Relations & Compliance


Compliance with statutory capital market regulations – one of the central tasks of investor relations – is becoming increasingly widespread. Whether the expansion and tightening of directors’ dealings, ad hoc publicity, insider lists, voting rights notifications, annual and semi-annual reports, corporate governance – the list of requirements is becoming longer and longer. The sanctions imposed by BaFin are becoming ever stricter. Courts impose penalties on issuers and company employees in the millions.

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Crisis Management & Communication throughout the Crisis


Crises naturally come suddenly and unexpectedly – so good preparation is all the more necessary in order to avert or minimise corporate losses! But what are typical IR triggers for a crisis?
Economic crises are primarily triggered by economic disfavor factors and negative events. Global economic crises take first place in a possible crisis ranking (28%). In the following, 17% of the crises are mainly caused by general business triggers.

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Shareholder Value & Investor Relations


Shareholder value – a frequently discussed approach. What are the goals of the shareholder value approach? To put it simply: the consideration of the interests of the shareholders. The aim is to increase the value of equity. So a corporate policy based on shareholder value will try to increase the price of the shares.

Unfortunately, the price of shares can only be increased directly to a limited extent. The price of a share is subject to many factors. For example, the economy. Or even emotional factors.

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Corporate Access after MiFID II – and now?



There has been much speculation in the run-up to MiFID II about the effects of this directive on listed companies. Among other things, fewer free roadshows and conferences (corporate access) and therefore less access to investors were forecast for companies. According to the statement, under MiFID II brokers can no longer offer these corporate access services for listed companies free of charge or can no longer do so to the same extent. Small and medium-sized companies in particular feared that this would restrict access to investors.

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TV Coverage: mVISE AG………


Münster: New interview with Manfred Götz and Rainer Bastian, managers at mVISE AG, published.


mVISE focuses on mobile solutions for companies in the B2B and B2C sectors. The company offers prducts for mobile internet, mobile apps, mobile commerce, mobile CRM und mobile advertising.

Both managers talk about new product SaleSphere, the expected contribution to revenue growth and FY2015. Further interview highlights: Building up the consulting sector, and further significant aspects of FY2016.


Watch the interview (available only in German) HERE.

Online forum real-estate…………



Meet real-estate investors during our digital capital-market conferences.


Our online-forum focusing on real-estate gets listed real-estate agencies together with professional investors. Real-estate fonds managers, Buy-Side analysts, custodians and asset managers belong to our top-class online-audience. Convince your investor-audience with a 20-minute presentation. Afterwards you can further improve your relations to the Buy-Side in at least three One-on-One phone calls.


Why should you participate?

  • Increase the awareness level of your business
  • Improve and deepen the understanding of the investors regarding your business
  • Increase the interest in your share
  • Pretty convenient straight from your desk: No travel costs, no travel time


What can you expect?

  • 20-minute business presentation
  • Subsequent Q&A
  • At least three One-on-One phone calls
  • Follow up on your investors after one weeks concerning further questions


Which Equity-Investors can participate?

European Buy-Side investors, Real-estate investors with AUM up to 1 bn., Family offices, Custodians, Life-and pensions funds, Fonds Managers focused on Europe, Small-& Midcap investors, Banks.




11:00 am -11:05 am     Reception and Introduction of Agenda

11:05 am -11:15 am     The European Real-Estate market


11:15 am -11:35 am     Introduction of the first Real-estate agency

11:35 am -11:40 am     Q&A


11:40 am -12:00 am     Introduction of the second Real-estate agency

12:00 am -12:05 am     Q&A

12:05 am -12:15 am     Coffee-Break


12.15 am -12:35 am     Introduction of the third Real-estate agency

12:35 am -12:40 am     Q&A


12:40 am – 1:00 pm      Introduction of the fourth Real-estate agency

1:00 pm -1:05 pm        Q&A


1:05 pm -1:25 pm        Introduction of the fifth Real-estate agency

1:25 pm -1:30 pm        Q&A


Afterwards follow at least three individual conference calls (One on One) between investors and their business.


Your advantages? No travel costs, no travel time. You can participate at our digital capital-market conference from your desk. The date of the online-capital market conference is September, 13th 2018 11:00am-1:30pm. Admission fee adds up to 750 Euro+VAT. Interested? Please write an e-mail to j.gausler@dr-reuter.eu or call Mrs. Gausler, Tel.: +49 (0)251-980 1562.


Who we are?

Dr. Reuter Investor Relations is a consulting agency focused on the European capital market. Our services are investor targeting, regulatory issues and instructions all about the capital market.

S IMMO AG………………………


Münster: As part of the new TV Coverage, an interview with Friedrich Wachernig, member of the board of S IMMO AG, has been published.


S IMMO AG acquires, renovates and leases properties.

The company was successful in increasing the result for 2015 and outperforming its own goals.



Watch the interview HERE (available only in German).