Career Paths in Investor Relations

According to ZRG Partners & an article of the IR Magazine, the scope of IR activities has changed massively over the past 10 years. While at the beginning the IR’s range of tasks still referred to the mere execution of tasks, the range of responsibilities has clearly shifted towards a range of tasks with management responsibilities. The technology will further shift IR’s area of responsibility, but not the key skills that make someone a good IR officer,” said Reynolds, Managing Partner at ZRG Partners. This includes wisdom and judgment. These have their origins in experience, minor professional battles and the wisdom that comes from the one or the other mistake that occurs in daily professional life.

Reynolds also discussed the opportunities for IROs to move up to senior management positions. In her opinion, such a step happens far too rarely. The reason for this is that investor relations is a young profession that is just 30 years old, says Reynolds. She sees opportunities to make a career nevertheless in dealing with central corporate issues. IROs should carry out in-house research and acquire the relevant knowledge and business acumen.