In the second issue of our customer magazine you can look forward to new informative articles on all aspects of Investor Relations:

Investor Relations & Compliance: Compliance with statutory capital market regulations is becoming increasingly widespread. And more and more often, IROs have the task of avoiding precisely such sanctions – i.e. ensuring compliance with the rules. How can this be achieved? A compliance management system can help to maintain an overview here.

Measuring Investor Relations: It is undisputed that IROs play a significant role in the growth and success of listed companies. In return, corresponding returns on their work are expected. This raises the question of the extent to which investor relations contributes to the achievement of corporate goals. How can the performance of IROs be evaluated internally and made measurable?

Digital Investor Relations: While a few years ago the investment community was reluctant to include digital media and social media in its approach, today it can hardly escape digitalization. Which digital communication channels do companies use? Will the relevance of digital media increase?

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We did it! Our first customer magazine! Look forward to exciting articles on all aspects of investor relations. In our first issue:

Shareholder Value & Investor Relations: How is shareholder value determined? How can shareholder value reporting be structured? Why do companies and the capital market so often talk at cross purposes?

Corporate Access & MiFID II: What market developments can be observed since MiFID II came into force? How have the relationships between brokers, investors and companies developed? And how can companies react to this?

Investor Relations & Crisis Management: What are the usual triggers for crises in IR? What can be the first steps of a crisis plan? And how can crisis teams & communication be structured?

And beyond that: Dates & Services

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