Craig Marks, AstraZeneca on Best Practice IR

AstraZeneca, Best Overall Company IR: AstraZeneca won the main prize of the IR awards of the IR Society London in November. We were able to talk with Craig Marks, a few hours before the award ceremony, about what distinguishes the IR work of Astra Zeneca.

Désirée Müller (Swiss & Global Asset Management) introduces the JB Euro Large Cap Fund

Désirée Müller (Swiss & Global Asset Management) manages the JB Euro Large Cap Fund. In an interview with Eva Reuter (Dr. Reuter Investor Relations), she presents the objectives of the fund. Why is this investment in european large caps so attractive? How does the decision for an investment take place? What role does dialog with management or the IRO play? What expectations exist in corporate communications?

Dr. René Nicolodi (Zürcher Kantonalbank) on Sustainable Investments

Dr. René Nicolodi, Head of Satellite Solutions at Zürcher Kantonalbank gives an overview of the field of sustainability in a conversation with Dr. Eva Reuter (Dr. Reuter Investor Relations). Due to alleged shortcomings in risk and return, sustainable investment strategies are always under fire from critics. But how does such criticism really hold up? Dr. Nicolodi sees positive developments in the professionalisation of the entire sector as well as investment volume. The video also covers, the obligation of big banks in the United Nations’ “Principles for Responsible Investment” for listed companies, how important the ESG criteria are in the decision-making process compared to traditional fundamental valuation criteria and how and what companies should report.

Oliver Maslowski (Swiss & Global Asset Management) on Value Investing

Oliver Maslowski managed the investment into german equities by Swiss & Global AM branch. In an interview with Dr. Eva Reuter, he explains his investment strategy and reveals how dialogue with the issuer appears, what results in potential returns and how to recognise a successful portfolio manager.