Corporate Disclosure Policy!

A Corporate Disclosure Policy is an important component of a compliant handling of insider information. The focus is on the creation of structures, processes, documentation, responsibilities and training measures – always with the aim of avoiding sanctions by the supervisory authorities and the legislator through mistakes in the handling of insider information for the company.


Our Services Around the Topic of Corporate Disclosure Policy


Advice on the establishment of a Corporate Disclosure Committee:

  • Responsibilities of the committee, delegation of responsibilities, authorizations
  • Structure, composition and quorum
  • Frequency, organization, administrative tasks, documentation & reports


Development & Drafting of a Corporate Disclosure Policy:

  • Obligations of employees in dealing with insider information
  • Definition of processes for the publication of key financial figures, insider information, company presentations. definition of release regulations
  • Determination of the company spokesperson(s)
  • Define processes in the event of unintentional publication of insider information
  • Dealing with accidental errors in company reports
  • Establishment of publication principles
  • Definition of the handling of inquiries from private investors, analysts, fund managers, press. Organisation of internal procedures and approval processes
  • Defining the management of rumours
  • Dealing with ‘Forward-Looking’ Information
  • Dealing with a ‘Quiet Period’. Definition of the consequences for investor conferences, roadshows, one-on-ones, conference calls during such a ‘quiet period’
  • Determination of measures during the closed period. How should this be organized?
  • Establishment of guidelines and processes for conference calls & webcasts, telephone conferences, presentations and speeches
  • Dealing with analyst estimates and analyst reports
  • Dealing with the press
  • Rules for electrical communication (website, internet chat rooms, social media)

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