Germans invest more in funds: investment volume doubled in ten years

From EUR 1.7 trillion in 2009 to EUR 3.4 trillion in 2019 – the German fund industry has almost doubled its assets over the last ten years. In 2019 alone, it recorded an increase of 15% – according to the BVI Bundesverband Investment and Asset Management e.V.

The figures for 2019 are also impressive in detail: open-ended investment funds account for a net increase of 120.2 billion euros, closely followed by open-ended special funds, which increased by 102.7 billion euros and thus recorded their best year since 2015. In a weaker but still successful position, open-end mutual funds ranked 17.5 billion euros and closed-end funds 4.3 billion euros as lucrative additions, while the fund industry suffered an outflow of 5.5 billion euros.

A closer look at the open-end mutual funds shows that real estate funds are at the top of the investor favourites with 10.7 billion euros. Mixed funds, on the other hand, increased by 10.5 billion euros and equity funds by 4.4 billion euros. The situation is different for bond funds, where investors withdrew around 3.7 billion euros – primarily from funds with short-term euro bonds. In contrast, sustainable funds positioned themselves successfully, accounting for around 7 billion euros.

The bottom line is that equity funds are ahead with 423 billion euros, the share having risen by eight percentage points to 38% over the past ten years.

Mixed funds take second place with 311 billion euros and 28%, followed by bond funds with 209 billion euros and 19% of the total volume, and real estate funds, which come to 109 billion euros and 10%.

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