Importance of Social Media: Capital Market Professionals

The use of social media by European investment professionals is constantly increasing and is therefore becoming more and more important. The reason for this is that social media can guarantee a faster exchange of information between capital market players.

According to a survey conducted by the DVFA and the IR Club, analysts and investors consider the social media to be partly important with 58%.

The founder of the IR Club and the online investor relations community, Patrick Kiss, says that nearly half of respondents remain skeptical about the importance, relevance and reliability of social media information. However, the rest of respondents believe that the exchange of information and the source of information have the same or higher priority than other tools like these.

In addition, Christoph Schlienkamp, Deputy Chairman of the DVFA Board of Directors, announced that three quarters of the European investment professionals surveyed believe that the importance of the social media will increase in the future. Above all, the social networking channel LinkedIn is very popular, as many investment professionals register on this channel and establish dialogues with other investment professionals.

In summary, this means that the majority (71%) of capital market professionals would use social media for communication in the future and would almost forego other communication channels. Only a small part, about 34%, of the participants do not expect this step from entrepreneurs into the world of social media.