Development of the IR Strategy For Your Company

We support you in the development & creation of your IR strategy.


Our services:

  • Analysis of the current situation on the capital market and in the company
  • Development of the IR vision
  • Identification of IR potentials
  • Defining strategic goals
  • Development of IR instruments
  • Determination of time and financial resources
  • Development of measurement criteria


The development of an IR strategy is a complex undertaking. It starts with the analysis, then deals with IR visions and potentials, defines the IR goals and significance of the goals, determines the IR instruments, their time horizons and budgeting.




Bei der Analyse geht im ersten Schritt um die Analyse der Ist-Situation und die Zuordnung der Analyseergebnisse zu einzelnen Kategorien:


The first step of the analysis is the analysis of the actual situation and the assignment of the analysis results to individual categories:


Is the liquidity of the share sufficient? Does an investor targeting program exist? What is your company’s image on the capital market? Do investors and analysts understand complex business relationships? Is there a Corporate Disclosure Policy? A Crisis Management Plan? Are the investor presentations state of the art? Are the IR processes and responsibilities clearly defined?


This is where we support your company in all analysis work, work with you to highlight the current orientation of your IR work, and define categories and allocations.


IR-Vision & Potential

How should your company be perceived on the capital market? Where should your company be a leader? What potential do you see in attracting further investors?


We work with you to develop your IR visions and uncover the potential.


IR Goals


The analysis has uncovered the weak points, the vision shows where you want to go with the company. Time to define the IR goals and their significance for the company. The first step is to define strategic target categories and then assign them to strategic goals. For example, proactive communication with analysts and investors. Or the establishment of an investor targeting. Subsequently, the strategic goals are to be evaluated with regard to their significance. This aspect is important if the achievement of objectives is to be measured at a later point in time. Because not all goals are always the same for a company.





The strategic target categories and strategic objectives were defined, the next step is to answer the question(s) of how (with which IR instrument(s)) these objectives are to be achieved, what period of time is planned for them and what budget is planned for them.

In this way, the goal of attracting more institutional investors through an investor marketing program can be achieved. Or the goal of a more proactive communication with analysts and investors can be achieved by the instrument of conducting workshops together with investors and analysts.

Finally, measurement criteria (KPI) need to be defined in order to be able to measure the achievement of the set goals at a later stage.

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