World’s Financial Centers


According to a study by the Z/Yen Group, New York was able to further expand its role as the world’s financial center to London. London can stay in second place just ahead of Hong Kong – as a result of the uncertainties of the Brexit. According to the GFCI Index, the gap between London and New York now stands at 17 points, followed by Hong Kong in 3rd place with only 2 points behind London. However, not only has London lost a total of 14 points to the last report, but New York is also rated somewhat lower compared to the last report.

Among the winners is Paris, which was rated 29 points higher and thus moved up 10 positions in the ranking. However: 7 of the top 10 financial centres come from the Asia/Pacific region, of which 4 of the top 10 financial centres come from China (Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen).

Overall, cities such as New York, Hong Kong and Singapore are expected to benefit most from the Brexit. In Europe, it is assumed that Frankfurt will be the main beneficiary, followed by Paris, Luxembourg, Zurich and Dublin.