Do you want to expand your base of institutional investors? Or to meet the new commitments in the field of sustainability? Are the demands of your private investors are getting out of hand and you need someone who can sensibly channel the necessary information? Is the fulfilment of the legal requirements of the capital market and stock exchanges wasting valuable time? We offer solutions for development and maintenance for private & institutional investors as well as their multipliers.

When it comes to the fulfilment of disclosure requirements and staying up to date with statutory provisions, we are able to help. We also have extensive experience in the targeted approach to potential investors as well as making use of the multiplier effect of traditional and digital media. Day to day we take care of the management of your investor community, respond to inquiries and report the echo from the market to you. We are also able to, on request, establish a shareholder hotline.

PS: For IROs and all financial communication we consult frequently with experts to find their Best Practice IR.

Our services at a glance:

Disclosure Requirements

Is the release of voting rights announcements, counting of votes, ad hoc publicity and directors’ dealings wasting your time? Does your investor relations team have not enough time to track the current changes in capital markets? Is the stock listing of your company requires additional disclosure or listing requirements?

We support you in fulfilling your obligations to the legislators and the stock exchange. We are concerned about the compliance with deadlines, undertaking of releases and carrying out the communication between our clients and the regulatory authority as well as the stock exchange.

Our services

– Fulfilling the disclosure requirements and obligations

Voting rights announcements
Counting of the total votes
Directors dealings
Insider registers

– Composing annual and biannual reports
– IR-Coaching: Regulation, Corporate Governance


Investor Targeting:

We have many years of experience in the targeted approach of potential investors and make use of the multiplier effect in traditional and digital media.

Our services

– Organisation and execution of roadshows
– Online conferencing
– Organisation and execution of investor days
– Tailored capital market analysis

Management of your investor community

We prepare content for target investment audiences and effectively circulate the content, especially via digital mediums. As the interface of communication between you and your shareholders, we keep their interests in mind as we identify relevant topics and moderate.

Our services:

– Press Releases and Fact Sheets
– Financial Media Relations
– Newsletters
– Web conferencing (Retail Investor Relations)
– Online Press Conferences
– Investor Relations Information Hotline
– Unique and focussed digital investor relation channels
– Monitoring of relevant media
– Strategy and Best Practice


It is in the search for sustainability that investors arrive. We are able to face questions from stakeholders in an upfront and direct manner. The motives surrounding sustainability management and reporting can be diverse. We help you maintain understanding, deliver messages and remain essential.

Our services:

– Sustainability reporting
– Integration of SRI issues on the corporate website
– Sustainability communication


A storm in a teacup or a major cataclysm? We observe how the market reacts to you and if necessary evaluate and recommend countermeasures.

Our services:

– Prospectus Preparation
– Evaluation of the Share Register
– Market Review
– Board Monitoring
– Media Evaluation
– Market Feedback