Governance as a decisive basis for corporate success

As a survey by the German Association of Investment Professionals – DVFA e.V. showed, 69% of the 1,400 participating members regard good corporate governance as a decisive success factor in the long term. A further 24% of those surveyed were more in agreement with this thesis. However, restrictions were also reported, because governance is by no means a guarantee of success, but its prerequisite

There was even greater agreement with the statement that governance is crucial for convincing sustainability in a company: Here, 85% said that they agreed or at least were more likely to agree.

However, the statements differed on sustainability issues. The question was: “Do sustainability issues now play a sufficiently important role in the regular dialogue with companies (roadshows, Capital Market Days, …)?

A full 22% of those surveyed answered “Yes” and 33% at least “Rather yes”. 21.6% of the participants expressed themselves neutrally or rather negatively. From the comments it could be deduced that the companies are positioned very differently here. Accordingly, a relevant part of the survey deals with the topic of sustainability in an unspecific way or for the sake of form.

From the results, Stefan Bielmeier of DVFA e.V. draws the conclusion what great value especially the financial professionals in companies place on good corporate governance. They see this not only as the key to entrepreneurial success, but also to sustainable action. And it is precisely here that there is still room for improvement, even if the majority of companies are already addressing this important issue constructively.

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