Exciting articles await you this year again in our frist edition of our magazine on the subject of Investor Relations. This time new in the magazine: IR-News on the topics sustainability, institutional IR, IR professionals, IR regulations! A small extract from the magazine:

Crisis Management in IR: Crises in IR always come when they are least useful. And then also mostly unexpectedly and suddenly. As is currently the case due to Corona. 

Corporate Disclosure Policy: Mr. Musc from Tesla cost his tweets a few million. And the chairmanship of the board. This was triggered by, among other things, a withdrawal of Tesla from the stock market, hinted at by Musk. 

The Investor Journey: The customer journey is well understood by marketing experts today. It is understood as a journey of the customer to the product / service of the company. 

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New US equity fund: A-Manager combines active and passive parts

With the Wellington US Dynamic Equity Fund, German investors can also acquire a special US equity fund domiciled in Ireland, according to Citywire. Stephen Mortimer of Wellington Management is responsible for this – and he can point to an A rating from Citywire.
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Lowest level since 2015: Lower cash ratio in the fund industry

A further decline in economic growth is also expected in the fund industry, but this will not prevent managers from reducing their cash ratio by six percentage points. The focus will therefore be on shifts into those securities that can also score points in the event of deflationary tendencies.
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Sustainability funds record strong inflows in Europe

Sustainability is a hot topic – also in the fund industry: in 2019, the assets of sustainability funds were able to record an increase of 56%, according to information from Morningstar. According to this, more than one in three euros invested went into funds that select their investments according to ethical, ecological and social criteria.
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Fund industry in consolidation: Templeton wants to acquire Legg Mason

With 4.5 billion US dollars, the offer is on the table: Fanklin Templeton is apparently in the process of forging a new giant in the fund industry. In addition, Legg Mason’s approximately two billion US dollar debt is also to be taken over.
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HSBC faces massive job cuts

As the major British bank HSBC announced during the presentation of its 2019 figures, up to 35,000 jobs are to be cut. Noel Quinn, who is acting as HSBC interim head, gave interviews at the event, asking about further plans.
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Governance as a decisive basis for corporate success

As a survey by the German Association of Investment Professionals – DVFA e.V. showed, 69% of the 1,400 participating members regard good corporate governance as a decisive success factor in the long term. A further 24% of those surveyed were more in agreement with this thesis.
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Germans invest more in funds: investment volume doubled in ten years

From EUR 1.7 trillion in 2009 to EUR 3.4 trillion in 2019 – the German fund industry has almost doubled its assets over the last ten years. In 2019 alone, it recorded an increase of 15% – according to the BVI Bundesverband Investment and Asset Management e.V.
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Managing Risk Governance: People, Process, Technology

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, new threats and intrusions continue to threaten cybersecurity. In 2018, the Ponemon Institute issued its 2018 State of Cyber Resilience report with 57% of the respondents saying that they believe it is taking longer to resolve an incident.
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Hedge funds focus on sustainable investment

Hedge funds have been slowly adding ESG factors to their investment approach due to pressure from institutional clients. ESG factors are criteria used to screen investments on the factors of environmental, social and governance.
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