Sustainable News

Sustainable News

Not only have several sustainability indices been relaunched in recent weeks, the range of ESG training courses and funds is also increasing. Banks continue to pursue ambitious climate targets. These sectors are upgrading:

Index provider Solactive orients itself to the FNG seal. Investments such as coal mining, nuclear power, substantial coal-fired power generation, fracking, oil sands, weapons and military equipment are excluded. In addition, the start-up “Right – Based on Scienceā€ has carried out an analysis of 600 of the largest listed companies in Europe and their emission intensity. 260 were included in the index.

Asset manager BNY Mellon IM is also launching virtual ESG training for investment advisors, distribution partners and their relationship managers to incorporate ESG criteria into their work with clients on sustainable asset planning and investment. Gothaer follows suit with the establishment of the Sustainability Foundation just in time for its 200th anniversary and 16 German banks commit themselves to more climate protection and sign a self-commitment, which prescribes to align their credit and investment portfolios with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Federal Republic of Germany plans to issue a ten-year “green” federal security in the fall and the French asset manager OFI Asset Management is throwing out steam coal from all funds by 2030. Credit Suisse Asset Management has launched two ESG ETFs.

Asset manager Assenagon has launched two new funds that incorporate ESG criteria to reduce the carbon footprint by around 20 percent relative to the respective overall market, and Aberdeen Standard focuses on bonds issued by sustainable companies that demonstrate sound management of their risks and opportunities in relation to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. In addition, Service-KVG Hansainvest has worked in recent months on the integration of professional ESG reporting.

Sustainable investment is booming – even during the Corona crisis.

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