Fund Management Team of Top ESG Funds is Brought in by the British Asset Manager

We are talking here about the British asset manager Artemis Investment Management, which has taken on the ESG fund team from Kames Capital. Team members Neil Goddin, Craig Bonthron, Ryan Smith and Jonathan Parson are scheduled to come in the autumn and launch a sustainability fund for global equities focusing on disruptive and innovative companies.

Experience is already available as the Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund is managed by these team members and is included in the top five ESG funds in the Citywire database in the global equities sector over 12 months to the end of April with a total return of 18.9% out of 862.

According to fund manager Bonthron, he and his colleagues look forward to joining a company with the reputation and standing of Artemis. The team looks forward to the future as they build a sustainable investment for Artemis Investment.

The ESG fund team will be based at Artemis in Edinburgh and will report to CIO Matthew Beesley. Senior Partner Mark Murray is committed to investing according to ESG principles. He will be guided by the progress made to date to integrate ESG principles into the business as an integral part of the business.

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